Combine data from multiple Excel files in a folder in to one File


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You have 50 Excel files, each excel file has historical data of 1 month, 50 files has data of past 50 months of sales data, you wanted to import all the data into one excel sheet in the tabular form for analysis, our tool will help you to import all the data in all the 50 files copied into one excel file, imports data by matching headers, copies data in matching headers only and you will get the data in tabular form.


Utility imports hiden sheets also along with visible sheets


We have developed similar Excel macros for more than 100 users, we can deliver the customized macro to meet your custom need within one day if our product do not meet your requirement 100%


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Are you looking Excel macro to import worksheets from all the excel files saved in a selected folder and create one excel file ?

We have a utility that combines all the worksheets of multiple excel files into one excel file, click here for more details


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