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Excel to Word automation - Generate MS Word or PDF Documents from Excel data

mail merge save as individual documents

Template Based Document generator- Creates PDF/MS Word Letters by filling data into template from Excel file, Creates one Letter per row of data in Excel.

More details.. Demo Video
Mail merge macro to mail merge from Excel

Bulk Generate PDF/Word Letters, Print Letters, and bulk Email letters at attachment from Outlook or SMTP

More details... Demo Video
Find and Replace content in multiple Word files stored in a folder

You can use this tool to Find & Replace word document contents in multiple files saved in a folder. (Windows and MAC Version available)

More details... Demo Video
Word to PDF converter

Bulk convert multiple word file to pdf format

More details... Demo Video
Read Schema info from database

This tool is suitable for database developers or administrators : Read table/s info, index/s info., SP/Functions info, linked table info, & Views info. Works with both MS Access & SQL Server databases

More details... Demo Video
Currency Converter Excel Add-in You can use this tool to convert currencies from one to another, simple to use add-in, just enter range of cells to convert, select currencies & Click on Convert values button, add-in reads live values and converts with as on that day values. More details... Demo Video
combine multiple workbooks into one

Excel macro to import worksheets from all the excel files saved in a selected folder and create one excel file, combine multiple excel files into one excel, Save hours of your time use our excel macro

More details... Demo Video
Consolidate data from all Excel files in a folder

Excel macro to consolidate all data from Excel files saved in a folder

More details... Demo Video
Excel to Json Converter JSON File converter, Convert Excel data into JSON format, send us structure of JSON file & Excel data sample, we will customise tool to match your files. More details... Demo Video
Excel to CSV Converter

Apply business rules or Validations and convert Excel data to CSV format

More details... Demo Video
List, copy, move specific or all files from a folder or subfolders

Excel automation to List or Copy or Move Specific or All files from a folder or loop through all Subfolders

More details... Demo Video
Yellow pages scraper - UAE

Excel macro to Search and Scrap data from Yellow pages UAE into Excel file

More details... Demo Video

Utility to parse JSON file and upload to Database Table

You can use this utility to Load one or multiple JSON files into a Database table

More details... Demo Video

Sync all files between two folders

You can use this utility to sync files between two folders, keep the upto date files in both folders, identifies modified files, removed files, comparing the last synced files list, very useful utility.

More details... Demo Video

Utility to parse JSON file and upload to Database Table

You can use this utility to Load one or multiple JSON files into a Database table

More details... Demo Video

Mortgage Switch Calculator

"Switch or not to Switch " mortgage, use tool Switch and save mortgage Calculator developed in Excel

More details... Demo Video

Bingo number generator Generate bing Random numbers on click of button, excel macro generates random bingo numbers with option to start and end numbers total numbers per row and total rows. More details... Demo Video
Reconciliation, Changes tracker

Helps to track changes in data rows on selected primary unique column/s, This may not be very useful if you want to do bank reconciliation, this tool works well to merge two data sources and then check any changes betweeen them.

More details... Demo Video 1

Demo Video 2
Corporate emailing Tool

You can Send emails in sequence: Useful for company HR, for sending emails to employees or Clients, this is developed using .net and executable will be provided, works on SMTP, we can also develop similar application using Excel itself, let us know if you require one in Excel we can develop for you.

More details... Demo Video
Access to CSV

You can use this tool to Creates CSV Files pulling data from MS Access, Reads data from MS Access and creates CSV Files, MS Excel VBA

More details... Demo Video
Frequency distribution and Portfolio management

Specifically developed for Portfolio managers, or Credit risk analysts on Loans, Import data from excel or other external sources, select report parameters and generate report, Cannot explain much about this ,you will have to watch demo.

More details... Demo Video
Poker calculaor

Poker calculator - Excel Based Poker calculator - poker simulation software - poker software for poker stars

More details... Demo Video
Set Password to unhide sheet Protect importent information when sharing Excel file, Simple way to protect your vital information, Set password to unhide work sheet in Excel (Windows version) More details... Demo Video
Voter slips Printing automation - Excel to PDF Converter Convert Excel data and print as pdf file for printing - Example - Voter slip printing More details... Demo Video
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