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MS Access Automation with MS Excel.

We are experts in providing solutions in combination of MS Access automation with MS Excel.

What are the advantages: all most all of the PC users know basic use of Excel, Excel is very much user friendly, you might have already had a feel of it.

MS Access is something not many of us know about it, because we do not use it in our day to day work, you will really find it difficult to use MS access directly without understanding how it works, considering this factor, we develop applicaitons to keep user happy, and enhance data handling capability of your software needs.

Given below are some examples of using Excel with MS Access, you as a user will not be knowing that there is MS Access used behind the Excel.

what are the advantages?

Using Excel / MS Access combination gives following advantages.

1. Multi user environment - more than one user can connect to MS Access database, better performance compared to direct opening of MS Access database itself.

2. All the users need not to have MS Access installed in their system, only Excel is sufficient to instal

3. Access control from the windows login account itself

4.you will reduce file size of MS Access, because user interface is created in Excel

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Demo 1

Demo 2